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Don’t fear the reaper

The Scoville scale is the measurement of heat in chilli peppers. The Carolina Reaper currently tops the list at 2,200 000 units. To put this in perspective, the fiery Habanero, at just 200 000, hangs around the shower block in a pink tutu, like a little punk. Tabasco sauce is like Perrier at meagre 2500. Got it?

So in a moment of self sabotage, we thought we would follow up our tasty, but mellow, house-made Chipotle and Habanero sauces with something that packs some stank. Something that the heat-phobic natives could really complain about. We started off cooking up some Ghost chillies and Naga Viper, but they were all about the heat. The sauces were hot, but lacked personality. Think Orlando Bloom. It wasn’t until we got hold of the Reaper that we found our boy. You see the Reaper is not only a bad ass, but it also carries an incredible aroma. They are like floral, fruity candies, and you just want to sniff the shit out of the bag they come in. But then your face starts to blister and bleed, so you have to stop. So we put together this recipe based loosely on another one that we ripped off from somewhere, and added a load of habanero to augment the aroma and to cool it down a little (yes, really). And what we came up with was not this recipe. Our first few batches went down really badly, and one of our favourite regulars died, screaming and windmilling through our front windows. So we toned it down a little. We think you’ll like it. It’s got some good heat, but it passes quickly. Like love. Hop Heads

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