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Whilst researching the effects of high fructose corn sugar on the internet, I had great difficulty finding what I believed to be a trustworthy source of information.

I owe it to you the reader to bring you only the truth, and therefore I wanted to avoid all the sensationalist alternative health websites that many of our friends share on Facebook. Sites like and all contain great lifestyle information, but I wanted to avoid the “contrail” style sensationalism and paranoia that these sites sometimes contain. I wanted to bring you a trusted source. That’s when I came across Dr Hyman. No, not “Dr Hymen” the creepy teacher from high school, but the diet king with the trusted smile, who possibly featured in a porno with Ron Jeremy, wearing nothing but sweat bands. Anyway, this guy knows about corn syrup. And if you didn’t know already, corn syrup is bad, very bad. Basically fructose does not need digestion, so it enters the blood stream very easily. From there, it travels to the liver and causes lipogenesis, which is the production of fats like cholesterol. This basically turns our liver into foie gras. Yep, that’s right. It also triggers massive spikes in insulin, which is our fat storing hormone. Hence why so many people are obese and diabetic. You travel through the US these days, you see more wheelchair dealerships than car yards.

The corn industry (ie monsanto) is heavily subsidised by the US government, which is why corn syrup is so cheap for soft drinks manufacturers to use. The end result also feeds the health care industry, another powerful lobby. This symbiotic relationship is steadily turning Americans into lumbering sweaty beasts. Soon there will be nobody left to even stand up to Isis when they invade, let alone fight. Thank God for drones! Video killed the.…….

So anyway, we took a tiny stand and now we don’t sell that crap anymore, we make our own. Raspberry ice tea, hibiscus lemonade, ginger beer, our own cola, cherry soda. We squeeze juice, add some cane sugar and then water. Everything is natural. Nothing is depressing. Hey, great tagline!

Don’t fear the reaper

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