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The Art of the Mexican Selfie

We usually take meatballs off the menu for summer, partly because it’s too hot, but mainly because the chefs get sick of making them during the cold season. We rock about five different types from October till  April, changing monthly, and by late May the chefs are pounding me with balls every time I enter the kitchen (no not like that, you freaking perverts).

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My Brine Hurts

When you mention brine in Australia, people think you’re either talking about your friend Brian, or your brain. It’s confusing, especially if you say some thing like “I got chicken in the brine.” Go on, say it out loud with an Australian accent.

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When we first opened Caravelle, it was all about brunch. Saturdays and Sundays were crazy busy, yet the evenings took a little longer to get going.

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Don’t fear the reaper

The Scoville scale is the measurement of heat in chilli peppers. The Carolina Reaper currently tops the list at 2,200 000 units. To put this in perspective, the fiery Habanero, at just 200 000, hangs around the shower block in a pink tutu, like a little punk. Tabasco sauce is like Perrier at meagre 2500. Got it?

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Hop Heads

I just spent the last few months tracking down hops for our Caravelle Galactic Pale Ale. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. It kinda reminded me of the good old party days when you were all psyched up to go out and wanted to score something fun and zesty.

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